Ingredient Bin - 3 3/4 cu ft Rubbermaid®

The Rubbermaid® Ingredient Bin is constructed of durable industrial grade plastic. It has a smooth surface which allows for easy cleaning. This ingredient bin offers 3 3/4 cubic foot of food storage. It has a sliding, hinged lid and white base. Casters allow the ingredient storage bins to be transported.


The patent pending scoop hook allows the sturdy scoop to be stored inside the bin for quick access and use, but is away from the ingredients to prevent cross contamination. The scoop hook proves a safe system to reduce health inspection issues.


The ingredient bin is a portable storage unit for use in commercial kitchens with bulk ingredients to store, transport, and measure ingredients safely.


Clear windows and ingredient labels for easy identification of contents

Clasp secures lid on base, protecting quality of ingredients

Assists in complying with FDA Food Code 3-304.12

More Information

Description 3 3/4 cu ft Flat Top Bin w/Sliding Hinged Lid 3 3/4 cu ft

Color White

Wt. 29 lb

FDA Compliant Yes

Container Material Polypropylene

Pricing Unit Each

Ingredient Bin - 3 3-4 cu ft Rubbermaid.

16 oz Modern Round Plastic Bottle with Lid

Excellent product presentation for a variety of liquids.

The sturdy construction of this cylinder bottle stores and squeezes out products easily.


Unique bottle with a sharp angled shoulder, round base, and a recessed label panel 

Commonly used in a wide variety of industries from health & beauty, home & garden, drug & vitamin, and auto & industrial

16 oz FDA compliant natural HDPE bottle has a 28-410 mm neck finish

28-410 mm white polypropylene cap with F217 included

F217 liner is a three-ply liner composed of low density foam core between two solid layers of low density polyethlyene

More Information

Capacity 16 oz

Color Natural

Material HDPE

Neck Size 28-410

Cap Included

Weight .016 lbs

Case Qty 135

Standards FDA Compliant

16 oz Modern Round Plastic Bottle with L

1 Gallon HDPE Wide Mouth Jug with Shipping Box

Use this complete shipper that includes shipper box, wide mouth jugs and caps. This 32 ECT shipper box holds four, 1 gallon HDPE wide mouth jugs. It has printed warnings "This Side Up", printed up arrows, "Do Not Drop", and "Fragile-Handle With Care".


128 ounce wide mouth plastic jugs are:


Used to store or ship products

Ideal for powders, granules and creams

White, polypropylene with 110-400 mm caps and F-217 liner

More Information

Type Wide Mouth, 2-Wall

Material HDPE

Neck Size 110-400

Cap Included

Length 12 1/2"

Width 12 1/2"

Height 10"

Standards FDA Compliant

1 Gallon HDPE Wide Mouth Jug with Shippi