EXPO ™ Electric Drum Heater - Thermostat Control - For 55 Gallon Steel Drums

EXPO™ Electric Drum Heaters, with thermostat control and three-heat switch, are designed for use on 55 gallon all metal drums containing materials with good heat receptivity.

This unit has a thermostat range of 60° – 250° F and standard 120V rating. The thermostat control is numbered 1-7.  The three-heat switch allows for three wattage ranges per thermostat setting - the high setting is for the maximum watts (1920), the medium setting is for half the wattage (960), and the low is for 480 watts.

Electric drum heater installs easily with a spring-loaded toggle clamp, for a snug fit around the steel drum.  This heaters has a NEMA 5-20P Plug.  This heater is for indoor use only.

The heater is equipped with neon pilot lights. The green pilot light will glow as long as the heater is plugged in. The red pilot light will glow until the heater reaches the set temperature and will go on and off as the thermostat cycles.

UL Listed
CSA Certified
One year warranty
This heater is for use with steel drums that do not contain a removable plastic liner.

Electric drum heater is to be used to heat NON-FLAMMABLE, NON-COMBUSTIBLE materials only in a NON-HAZARDOUS area.

Caution:  Allowing liquid in a container to fall below the level of the heater will render the heater ineffective and could irreparably damage the baked on epoxy phenolic lining in lined steel drums and pails.

More Information
Type    Adjustable Thermostat
Temp. Range High    250
Temp. Range Low    60
Volts    120V
Watts    1920W
Length    22 1/2"
Height    5 3/8"
Weight    15 lbs
Standards    CSA Certified, UL Listed



Powerblanket® Lite Insulated 5 Gallon Pail Heater

Powerblanket® has changed the conventional method of transferring heat to buckets. This revolutionary design provides uniform heat to the entire surface of the bucket, eliminating hot and cold spots.

Powerblanket® products provide a maintenance free heating solution, which eliminates the headache of maintaining critical temperatures. If stored properly, chemicals and other products will last longer and be more effective. Using the Powerblanket® heater saves time, hassle, and money. Get the job done faster and use less electricity! This insulated pail heater uses a Rapid Ramp patented technology which quickly heats up to a maximum temperature of 125° F, then automatically backs down to one half power to maintain consistent temperatures. This automatic function is all internal and preset, giving you peace of mind of walking away from your application and knowing that Powerblanket will get the job done right, everytime! Powerblanket® uniform heat spreading technology heats up faster, cools down slower, and uses much less electricity than conventional band heaters.

Powerblanket® heaters come ready to use. Just unroll, wrap around your container, and plug into any 120V outlet. Supplied with adjustable straps to ensure proper fit on containers that vary slightly in size. This Powerblanket is used on plastic or steel 5 gallon pails.

Powerblanket® Lite 5 Gallon Bucket Heaters:

• Quickly heat materials to a preset 125º F / 51.7º C (± 10º F/5º C)
• Provide an insulated full-wrap design
• Deliver uniform heat to temperature sensitive products
• Preserve expensive materials without scorching or burning
• Prevent waste by maintaining consistent temperatures
• Certified to UL/CSA/CE standards

More Information
Type    Preset Temperature
Temp. Range High    125
Temp. Range Low    0
Volts    120V
Watts    120W
Length    41 1/4"
Height    10 1/2"
Weight    3 lbs
Standards    CE Certified, CSA Certified, ETL Certified, UL Listed




DrumQuilt™ protects the contents of a 55 gallon drum from freezing, heat, and condensation damage. The quilt utilizes a layered insulating system that is designed to deliver non-mechanical thermal variation protection. Each layer is designed to act as a barrier to any of the heat transfer mechanisms, such as conduction, convection, moisture, and radiation. Ruggedly built and easy to install.

Product already warmed up or cooled down? Keep it that way!

For transport or storage of temperature sensitive products
Patented multi-layer insulating technology
Note: Quilts are not designed for use with heaters of any kind; or for outdoor use.

Temp. Range High    180
Length    27"
Height    36"
Weight    6 lbs