2 Inch Plastic Reducer Plug

This polyethylene plug is self gasketing, so no extra gasket is needed. The reducer plug has 2 inch NPS threads with a 3/4 inch NPT reducer opening in the center to accept a faucet. Molded diaphragm seals the knock out center until removed for faucet installation.


Plug Material: Polyethylene

Gasket: None

3/4 inch threaded center

Fits steel drum with fine thread circular base

When replacing a plug, always check your specification sheet for requirements. Call a KSCI Customer Service Expert for details at  1-833-572-3786.

Size 2"

Material Polyethylene

Type Round Head

Case Qty 500

2 Inch Plastic Reducer Plug.png

2 Inch Plastic Plug With 63 mm Buttress Thread

This 2 inch plastic plug has a 3/4 inch NPT knockout center to accept a faucet. This plastic plastic plug has 63 mm buttress threads, made of injection molded, high density polyethylene for leak tight fit. The 63 mm buttress thread plug fits American Buttress and is supplied with an EPDM gasket. The EPDM gasket has excellent resistance to heat, UV exposure and aging. It's resistance to harsh weather conditions make it ideal for outdoor applications. EPDM also provides excellent chemical resistance.



Includes gasket

More Information

Size 2"

Material HDPE

Type Round Head

Gasket EPDM

Case Qty 500

2 Inch Plastic Plug With 63 mm Buttress

15 1/2 Inch Universal Drum Plug Wrench, Zinc Aluminum, Spark Resistant

This versatile plug wrench is one piece, 15 1/2 inch long, and has an offset handle to help prevent hand injuries. This non-sparking aluminum zinc wrench opens the new and old design Rieke® plugs, round-head and most plastic plugs.


Fits all 3/4 inch & 2 inch plugs (steel or plastic), including VGII™ series.

Also fits 1-1/2 inch agitator plugs (both types; with and without ears)

More Information

Material Aluminum

Color Silver

Length 15 1/2"

Weight 4 lbs

Standards Spark Resistant

15 1-2 Inch Universal Drum Plug Wrench,