Variable Stroke Pump wiVth 2 Inch NPS Adapter

Need a pump, but have a height restricted area? Look no further - this steel bodied variable stroke pump works great in height restricted areas and inside storage cabinets. The stroke pump is recommended for pumping petroleum products up to 200 cPs (centipoise) and delivers approximately 1 pint (16 ounces) per stroke.


Variable stroke pump has a die cast zinc piston with two brass piston rings, 35 inch long steel telescoping tube assembly, buna N seals, and plastic handle grip. This pump features a curved discharge spout with a 3/4 inch garden hose threaded fitting at the discharge end for attaching an optional hose.


Rust-resistant grey metallic powder coated finish.

Screws directly into a 2 inch NPS bung opening.

Telescoping PVC suction tube fits 15 to 55 gallon drums.

Not suitable for water based products.


The 5 foot Optional Hose Assembly (SKUs HR36) and the 8 foot hose assembly (SKU HR88) are made of 1/2 inch I.D. clear vinyl and include a 3/4 inch garden hose coupling.

Type Manual

Fits 15 Gallon Drums, 16 Gallon Drums, 30 Gallon Drums, 55 Gallon Drums

Inlet Size 2"

Flow Rate 16 oz per stroke

Material Steel

Weight 6 lbs

Includes Threaded Outlet - Female

Variable Stroke Pump wiVth 2 Inch NPS Ad

Chemical Siphon Pump with 2 Inch NPS

This chemical siphon pump is constructed of versatile nylon body, stainless steel rod, and Teflon® seals to handle many light liquids and chemicals. The pump fits the 2 inch NPS bung opening in 15, 30, and 55 gallon drums and delivers approximately 8 ounces per stroke.

The removable discharge spout allows for the attachment of the optional clear vinyl hose assembly (SKU H2134 or H2136). It’s overall length of 38 inches.

More Information
Type    Manual
Fits    15 Gallon Drums, 30 Gallon Drums, 55 Gallon Drums
Inlet Size    1 1/2"
Flow Rate    8 oz per stroke
Material    Nylon
Weight    1.5 lbs
Includes    Bung Adapter(s)


Economical Rotary Drum Pump - Curved Spout - 48 Inch PVC Hose

This cast iron pump has a plain curved discharge spout, with phenolic vanes. Versatile metal pump works in both directions – positive rotary flow siphons to a lower level. Self priming pump comes with an assembled 3-piece 47 inch plated suction tube and 2 inch steel bung adapter.
A 48 inch PVC discharge hose and clamp are included. Suction tube goes into the drum and the discharge hose attaches to the pump with the clamp.
Get much more output with much less effort than stroke pumps
Ideal for light oils, anti-freeze and other light non-flammable and non-combustible liquids
Fits 15 – 55 gallon drums with 2 inch NPS bung
Description    Rotary pump with curved spout and 48" PVC hose
Wt.    12 1/2 lb
Pricing Unit    Each
Pump Type    Manual - Cast Iron
Bung Opening Size    2 inch NPS

Chemical Siphon Pump with 2 Inch NPS.png
Economical Rotary Drum Pump - Curved Spo