DrumSaver steel drum liners are designed for steel drums. The seamless vacuum-formed 55 gallon drum liners have a contoured lip that snaps over an open-head drum’s top bead, preventing leakage between the liner and drum wall and providing easy drum closure using a standard ring and bolt or lock assembly.


DrumSaver liners are perfect for mixing, pumping and storing nearly any liquid, powder or paste. Heavier liners are designed for use in heavier-duty applications.

 4 Styles of drum liners 

Straight-sided liners fit smoothly into new drums and are ideal when using follower plates.

Accordion liners have flexible, pleated, side walls that accommodate variations in reconditioned drum heights.

Combination liners combine a straight-sided design with a band of accordion pleats to accommodate both drum height variations and follower plate use.

Vented inserts include four holes near the top to vent trapped air during a fill, allowing drums to be filled with the lid on.

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Cargo Pallet covers 

Cargo Pallet Covers are clear polyethylene cover used to cover cargo to protect it from dust and rain. 

Cargo Pallet Cover  roll.png


  • National Stock Number ( NSN ): 3990-00-930-14890

  • Type 1: Provides Coverage for a 96" high load 

  • Commercial Item Description: A-A-55437

  • Dimensions: 112" x 90" x 96"

  • Unit of Measure: Roll or Folded & Boxed ( 10  Covers per Roll or Box)

  • Material Linear Low Density Polyethylene  

Cargo Pallet cover.png